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A thesis statement is a cornerstone of your essay, because it gives a reader an understanding of the main argument of your paper. If you have a strong and well-constructed thesis, it’ll be easier for you to write a paper and better organize your points and evidence. If a thesis is written poorly, you’ll most likely get lost along the way, add unnecessary details, and miss some crucial parts. Ultimately, you will waste a lot of time and effort and get unsatisfactory results.

To write a professional thesis statement, you have to conduct research, gather and analyze information to cover your topic, and have a comprehensive understanding of what you’re going to write about. It always takes several hours to search through the materials to pick the ones useful for your paper. Sometimes students don’t have that much time, because they may balance studying in college with working or parenting. In these cases the services that provide assistance from experts will come in handy. Hire a professional thesis writer to help you follow the requirements and compile the evidence needed to support an excellently written statement that will be a solid foundation for the rest of your project.

By placing an order requesting the help of a thesis writer, you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of time because you’ll have an idea of how the major part of the work should be done. All that’s left for you to do is to follow the directions formulated in the thesis statement and find the evidence for the main points. Let’s take a look at the number of benefits that our company provides.

The advantages of ordering a thesis statement with our help

We understand that it’s easy to get lost looking through various writing services online. That’s why we would like to make it simple for students who require some help from a thesis writer and gather all the information in one place. So, what do we offer?

  • Affordable prices

    Our company is customer-oriented, and we want our services to be accessible for everyone who needs assistance with writing. The costs per order slightly vary depending on the academic level needed, so the help of a PhD thesis writer will be the most expensive. Still, if you place your order in advance and give our expert some time to do the work, the total price will become significantly cheaper.

  • High-quality work

    We value our reputation as an excellent writing service and aim to maintain a high customer satisfaction rate. That’s why it’s extremely important for us to deliver high-quality results and hire the best experts. We ensure that every thesis statement writer we employ is a professional in writing different types of academic papers and an expert in one or several of more than 75 subjects, to match the high standards we pursue.

  • Responsive customer support assistants

    We believe that an integral part of excellent service is a responsive and professional customer support team. They keep in contact with our customers and respond to any questions via live chat or phone as quickly as possible. Also, if you ask for updates regarding your order, our customer support members will provide you with all the information at any time.

  • Confidentiality

    We understand the importance of privacy for our customers. That’s why we don’t ask for any personal information that is not required for the delivery of your order. So it’s up to you whether you want to share your phone number with us. However, if you do, it’s easier for our customer support representatives to contact you in case an assigned thesis writer needs some clarification regarding your custom instructions.

  • Plagiarism-free work

    We know that plagiarism is a huge deal in colleges and universities. Professors always remind students about it several times before they assign a paper, and double-check every essay for plagiarism after students submit them. We also value originality; therefore, it’s one of our primary requirements for every thesis writer. We check each work for plagiarism to ensure that it will be delivered to our customers, matching their high standards.

  • Free revision guarantee

    If your custom instructions have been slightly modified but the order is already written, you can request a writer to revise your paper. If any of your original instructions are not met, we can edit such a paper for free. In case of any questions, please contact our customer support representatives at any time.

  • Urgent orders

    If you have an urgent request, our experts are available 24/7 because they work in various time zones. So don’t worry if you need your order to be delivered in a matter of hours. You can set a deadline starting from 4 hours in the order form on our website.

Why do students require the help of thesis writers?

Many English-speaking students place orders with us on a daily basis, asking for assistance with different types of academic papers. We conducted research analyzing their reasons and managed to identify a few primary ones.

Some students are overwhelmed and stressed out trying to balance studying in college and working. Studying is not easy by itself, but combining it with work in, for instance, an emergency room leads to burnout and constant sacrifice of spare time and personal life. In this case, spending hours conducting research and articulating a solid thesis statement sounds frustrating. So students consider an online thesis writer as a helping hand.

Every year, assignments become more complicated in college or university, and custom instructions contain more details that are easy to miss. International students may struggle with understanding complex requirements, which can also lead to additional stress. In this case, students may require additional help from a thesis writer to have a better understanding of how their future academic assignments have to be structured. It gives them a top-notch example of a strong thesis statement they can use as a framework and eliminates unnecessary stress.

Sometimes students have to balance their studying with parenting. Needless to say that toddlers require a lot of your time and care, so it’s always challenging to make room for something else. With the help of a thesis writer, it’s easier to free some time because you’ll have an example of a paper that can be used for academic assignments, so you won’t waste time and effort trying to figure things out by yourself.

Pick an extra-experienced writer for your thesis statement

We ensure that every thesis writer we hire is proficient and competent. When placing an order with us, customers are asked not only to fill in paper details but also to choose an expert of one of the three main categories:

  • Best available writer

    This option is offered to you by default; it implies that our best available writer will be assigned to assist you with your order.

  • Advanced writer

    Advanced writers provide high-quality assistance in different areas of expertise. This option ensures that an expert thesis writer in the chosen discipline will be assigned for your order. Note that it’ll cost an extra 25% to access these services.

  • Top 10 writer

    For an additional 40% to the total price of an order you can request help from the highest-ranked thesis writer in the chosen discipline.

How can I place an order to buy a thesis statement?

We do our best to make sure that our website is easy to navigate. However, if you have any questions, you can contact our customer support assistants via live chat in the lower right corner of the screen at any time. Some of the basic steps to place an order are:

  1. Fill in the order form carefully

    The better you explain your requirements, the easier it will be for a thesis writer to meet your standards. In the order form, you’re asked to select a type of paper, discipline, academic level, and paper details, including paper format, deadline, and a number of pages. You can also get familiar with several other services we offer and request some additional ones if there’s a need.

  2. Provide us with your writer preferences

    “Best available writer” is an option that is set by default. Note that we test our experts and provide all necessary training to all writers to ensure the best results. So here you can select one of the options listed above, or specify the writer’s ID if it’s not your first order with our company and you enjoyed the work of a particular expert the most.

  3. Register an account on our website

    As was mentioned above, you don’t need to share personal information. However, we ask for your email address to be able to contact you if a writer asks for some clarification regarding your custom instructions. We also deliver a paper to your email as soon as it’s ready. In the registration form, you may fill in your phone number as well, yet this field is optional.

  4. Submit a payment

    Choose an option for payment that is most convenient for you. You can see the total price for an order in the upper right corner. As soon as we receive your payment, you’ll be sent a confirmation from our customer service.

  5. We’ll deliver your paper as soon as it’s ready via email

    When a writer is assigned to your order, you can text them if you want to specify something. The writer also has this option, so please check your email from time to time to stay updated.

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