Critical thinking

As you go further in your academic career, teachers will obviously start to require more from you as a student. One of the objectives they will challenge you on the most is strengthening your ability to think critically. As you grow older, you will be placed in multiple situations that will require you to assess the pros and cons and come up with the best solution to fix things. If you can’t think critically, you will be severely under-prepared.

Teachers will often assign papers posing a challenging question in which you will have to do some critical thinking and compose a response. These papers are based on strong reasoning, and backing up statements with concrete examples and evidence in order to give merit to the claims that you’re making. If your argument has no back up, your paper is weak. Writing a critical thinking essay requires a lot of research and the ability to organize this research into a compelling argument, which can take a lot of time. And on top of that, the writer has to consider several arguments, both for and against the topic of discussion, in order to present a complete view of the issue. Once these have been explored and considered, only then can the writer begin refuting the ones he is against in order to come to a stance on the prompt.

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