Article Review

Article reviews are of huge importance in the literary world. If someone has written a law or science article, teachers often require students to write an article review of this person’s work in order to argue for or against the conclusions drawn from it. The process often requires that you provide a summary of the article, and then determine if the article’s findings fill a void or contain an innovative approach that might not have been considered before. An article review is essentially your evaluation of someone else’s argument.

As you can imagine, writing an article review is a huge undertaking. In order for you to make arguments for or against someone else’s work, you have to have a basis for doing so. You can’t just poke holes or sing praises for their work with no merit. This process must be very thorough as there are many factors you have to consider: Is this article missing any key pieces of information that would make it stronger? Is it written clearly? Your professor may even go one step further and ask you how the article connects to the concepts you’ve learned throughout the year.

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